DeSantis Faces Backlash From New Bill

DeSantis Faces Backlash From New Bill
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Ron DeSantis on America's Border Crisis

As many know DeSantis recently passed Senate State Law Bill 1718 in an attempt to destroy leftism. He has stated that he has passed this law because, "The Biden Border Crisis has wreaked havoc across the United States and has put Americans in danger", says Govern Ron DeSantis.

Meaning he passed Bill 1718 with the intention of protecting Florida from future/present problems within Florida via the havoc caused by the borders and the people coming into America from it. Ron DeSantis's intended target with Bill 1718 was the illegal aliens coming from America's borders. In the fact that they have no American citizenship and that they provide false ID or documents.

Concerns and Policies Over Illegal Immigrants

Ron DeSantis clearly and boldly states that there will be many many penalties for anybody within Florida that harbors five or more illegal immigrants, those penalties being up to a $10,000 fine and 15 years in prison. It will be considered as human smuggling and it will permanently be on your record as a second-degree felony.

In addition, DeSantis is requiring employers to use E-Verify to check the eligibility of their employees. Failure to do so employers will be fined $1,000 per day, including possible suspension of employer licenses and the imposition of specific penalties for knowingly employing illegal aliens including a felony.

This Bill also affects transportation throughout Florida as they now require planes and state buses as well as other transportation companies to provide $12 million to continue to transport illegal immigrants through the state of Florida. Not only that, Bill 1718 also bans local governments and NGOs to provide and issue identification documents to immigrants.

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New Regulations and Problems

As well as it prohibits local governments from giving valid out-of-state driver licenses to exclusively illegal aliens. Lastly and most importantly, the state of Florida now requires hospitals to collect and report healthcare costs for illegal aliens as well as being needed to ask about their citizenship and status to ensure their legal eligibility for medical assistance.

However, Ron DeSantis will now be facing even more problems in the face of Florida's economy. Florida pre-Bill 1718 had a percentage of 29% of their population being Latino/Hispanic, a large margin of those Hispanics being illegal.

Floridas economy takes a hit

Why is this important? It is important for the sole fact that the workforce in Florida comprises of majority Hispanics/Latinos, it is considered the backbone of Florida because the Hispanics do the more crucial jobs of Florida's economy.

Those jobs are: Construction, Management and Waste Management Services, Accommodation and Food Services, Arts/Entertainment and Recreation, Retail Trade, Agriculture and, Other Services.

The listed fields and jobs make up 25% of Florida's GDP alone, producing an estimated GDP of $300 billion based on 2019 with them making $275 billion. These industries have about 391,000 of those employees being illegal, with a large percentage of their workers Florida will lose experienced and skilled construction workers that make up most if not all their buildings and communities.

Meaning Florida will now be losing money by paying other less experienced and hardworking workers for the length of needed time to complete projects compared to the time needed by illegal immigrants. In addition, another big industry that will affect Florida's economy post-Bill 1718 is the agricultural field.

Can Florida withstand the hit?

Most of Florida's gross income comes from their agriculture, from fishing to hunting and farming, but mainly their production of organic fruits such as and most popularly their oranges. Florida produces an insane amount of oranges, it being 70% of the U.S.'s orange production, and Florida produces about 11 tons of oranges a year pre-Bill 1718.

With hundreds of thousands of Florida's agricultural workers being illegal the production of their agriculture will drop astronomically with them gone. Overviewing recent events Florida's GDP is expected to drop by at least $12.6 billion in a single year, as well as possibly making state and local tax revenue drop by cutting these worker's spending power.

With the recent facts stated and speculated articles provided by other news outlets, Florida's economic downfall is sure to come and the reason is Bill 1718 alone. Florida is a powerhouse in the U.S. mainly and particularly for Its agriculture and construction, however, due to past events without the aid and hard manual labor from illegal aliens it isn't sure to stay that way. This is just the tip of the iceberg yet to come for Florida...

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