The Top Companies Driving Employment in San Bernardino

The Top Companies Driving Employment in San Bernardino
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The most important industries in San Bernardino are currently essential or basic industries. San Bernardino's three largest industries are the fulfillment industry, the medical industry, and the education and legal industries. In this article, we will look at the top employers in San Bernardino today and the services they offer.

#1 Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon, the Seattle-based online retailer, provides personalized shopping services and direct shipping to customers. The company’s platform,, offers a wide range of products including books, music, videotapes, computers, electronics, home and garden, and several other products.

Amazon’s corporate culture embraces diversity and inclusion. The firm endeavors to find opportunities to train veterans and their spouses and currently counts 21,000 former members of the military on board.

Maintaining a pet-friendly working environment, the retailer welcomes Amazonians’ four-legged friends on bring-your-dog-to-work days.

You can apply for student programs, fulfillment center career opportunities, as well as remote jobs at Amazon.

Job categories include administrative support, business intelligence, data science, legal, human resources, marketing & PR, and several others. Learn More About Amazon Fulfillment Center: Amazon Fulfillment Center

#2 Stater Bros.

Founded in 1936, Stater Bros. has become an iconic Southern California mainstay and trusted household name by consistently providing generations of customers with exceptional quality, everyday low prices, friendly service, fresh product offerings, and full-service meat departments.

It currently operates 171 supermarkets in seven counties throughout the area and has approximately 18,000 employees with annual sales of over $4 billion. Learn More About Stater Bros: Stater Bros. Overview

#3 Walmart

Walmart, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based operator of discount stores, supercenters, and neighborhood markets, offers a broad selection of merchandise and operates over 11,200 stores under 55 banners in 27 countries.

The Walmart culture is based on four values – Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, striving for Excellence, and acting with Integrity.

The company nourishes social and environmental sustainability, and via Walmart Foundation it generally provides more than $1 billion for philanthropic purposes.

With its motto of “Our people make the difference”, Walmart endeavors to maintain a place of opportunity.

In partnership with Guild Education and its Live Better U program, the company provides associates the opportunity to earn debt-free degrees.

If you join Walmart, your contribution will be rewarded with healthcare and insurance benefits with coverage for domestic partners options, enhanced maternity benefits, discounts, paid time off, 401(k), and several others. Learn More About Walmart: Walmart

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#4 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Established in 1853, What aspect of the company is the best to work for? It is beyond fulfilling to watch kids realize their potential and delight in learning about their talents through flexible means that regular education cannot offer. Their prospects are better. The office has a welcoming, considerate, respectful, and cooperative atmosphere.

How would you describe a typical day at the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools? A day can start with sunshine-inspired greetings for the staff, transportation specialists, and especially the students. The IEP goals for each student are furthered each day.

They are anticipated to push back, so as the day's curriculum unfolds, each person's motivational needs are met. Learn More About San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools: San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

#5 San Bernardino Valley College

San Bernardino Valley College provides quality education and services that support a diverse community of learners. Learn More About San Bernardino Valley College: San Bernardino Valley College Overview

#6 Baker's Drive-Thru

Baker's Drive-Thru is a chain of fast-food restaurants located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. The menu features a selection of items such as hamburgers, french fries, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and milkshakes.

What people like about Baker's Drive-Thru: I like the employees as well as their flexible schedules. Learn More About Baker's Drive-Thru: Baker's Drive-Thru Overview

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Jobs Opportunities for San Bernardino County

The Workforce Development Board, through the San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, offers a variety of programs designed to help youth and adults identify career pathways and get the appropriate training and skills. 

Programs funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provide eligible youth, ages 16 to 24, access to a variety of career and educational services designed to help enhance job skills, develop leadership qualities, explore career options, participate in adult and peer mentoring opportunities, and take advantage of work experiences.

In addition, the WDB operates San Bernardino County’s three America's Job Centers of California (AJCC). The AJCCs provide individuals with job training, placement, and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. 

The AJCCs also support and provide services to the County's businesses, including employee recruitment and business retention programs. Learn More About San Bernardino County Workforce Development: San Bernardino County Workforce Development

#7 San Bernardino Sun

The Sun was established in San Bernardino in 1894, and it is best known for its coverage of local news from San Bernardino County, California, and national news, sports, things to do, and business in the Inland Empire.

The Sun is a member of the Southern California News Group which manages 11 publications throughout the region, including three others in the Inland Empire, The Press-Enterprise, The Facts in Redlands, and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Learn More About San Bernardino Sun: San Bernardino Sun Overview

#8 San Bernardino County District Attorney

The San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office protects victims' rights and prosecutes criminals who are a danger to the Inland Empire community. Learn More About San Bernardino County District Attorney: San Bernardino County District Attorney

#9 Omnitrans

Omnitrans is the public transit agency serving the San Bernardino Valley, providing safe, reliable, affordable, friendly, and environmentally responsible transportation.

Omnitrans currently operates local and express bus routes as well as sbX rapid bus transit service, OmniGo hometown shuttle service, and Access, a paratransit service for the disabled.

Established in 1976 through a joint powers agreement, Omnitrans carries approximately 16 million passengers each year throughout its 480-square-mile service area, covering 15 cities and portions of the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. Learn More About Omnitrans: Omnitrans Salaries

#10 NOS Events

The National Orange Show Events Center is an ideal events venue that offers versatility with its unique facilities. They provide a location that suits virtually any type of successful event such as weddings, quinceanera, business, concerts, conferences, and more.

Their facilities at the NOS Events Center can accommodate business events ranging from small meetings to large conventions, trade shows, or expos. They also offer audio-visual equipment rental, high-speed internet access, on and off-site catering, professional packing services, and security. Show More NOS Events Overview

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