McCarthy feels 'very good' Jim Jordan will become House speaker ahead of crucial floor vote

McCarthy feels 'very good' Jim Jordan will become House speaker ahead of crucial floor vote
Rep. Jim Jordan, R- Ohio, speaks on behalf of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for House Speaker on the opening day of the 118th Congress at the U.S. Capitol, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023, in Washington.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)AP

The hallowed halls of the U.S. House of Representatives have become the battleground for a high-stakes power struggle. The focus of this political drama is the race for House Speaker, with former Speaker Kevin McCarthy at the center of it all, expressing his unwavering confidence in the candidacy of Rep. Jim Jordan, representing Ohio. McCarthy's vote of confidence made public during an interview with FOX News' Brian Kilmeade on "FOX & Friends," sheds light on the dynamics at play as the race for one of the most prominent positions in American politics unfolds.

Jim Jordan's Candidacy: A Roller Coaster Journey

Jim Jordan, a seasoned Republican from Ohio, has emerged as a formidable contender in the contest for House Speaker. His journey to this point has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride through the complex landscape of American politics.

Jordan's recent success began when he secured the nomination for speakership. This crucial milestone set the stage for a challenging path ahead. The Republican conference's endorsement has given him the opportunity to lead the House, provided he can secure the votes necessary to attain this prestigious position.

The Crucial Floor Vote: A Decisive Moment

Jim Jordan is now eyeing a crucial floor vote as the ultimate test of his bid for House Speaker. This pivotal vote is scheduled for Tuesday when most members are expected to be at the Capitol. For Jordan, this vote represents the culmination of a journey filled with ups and downs.

when most members are expected to be

However, the road to Speaker of the House is anything but smooth for Jim Jordan. He faces a daunting challenge, needing to sway a significant number of Republicans who initially expressed their reluctance to support his candidacy in a floor vote.

During a secret balloting process, 55 Republican members revealed their opposition to Jordan's bid for the speakership. These numbers signify a significant obstacle Jordan must navigate to claim the coveted Speaker's gavel.

The Eight Republicans and Their Collaborative Move

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn't mince words when discussing the challenges facing Jordan's bid. McCarthy criticized a group of eight Republicans who, in his view, worked closely with Democrats to orchestrate his removal from the Speaker's position. This collaboration led to concerns about the potential consequences of a government shutdown, with particular emphasis on the impact on service members.

McCarthy's sentiments highlight the internal strife within the Republican Party and the deep divisions that have emerged as the party seeks to navigate its path forward. The fractured dynamics within the GOP have cast a shadow over the efforts to rally Republican support for Jordan's bid.

The Broader Context of Jordan's Candidacy

Jim Jordan's rise to the nomination for Speaker came after a series of twists and turns on Capitol Hill. The initial jolt came when McCarthy lost the post of Speaker in a vote instigated by Rep. Matt Gaetz, a prominent Republican from Florida. This unexpected turn of events laid the groundwork for a period of political turbulence within the Republican Party.

Initially, the House Majority Leader, Rep. Steve Scalise from Louisiana, emerged as the favored candidate to replace Kevin McCarthy. In a vote held last week, Scalise secured a victory over Jim Jordan, positioning him as the primary contender for the Speaker's role. However, the political landscape took an unexpected turn when Scalise made a surprising decision to withdraw from the race. This move added a layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

In the wake of Scalise's exit from the race, Jim Jordan faced a surprising challenge for the nomination from Rep. Austin Scott, representing Georgia. Jordan's ultimate triumph in a 124-81 vote over Scott secured his place as the Republican nominee for the speakership.

The Complex Road Ahead for Jim Jordan

Jordan's quest for the speakership reflects the complexity of contemporary American politics. As the race intensifies, the future of the Republican Party's leadership and the broader dynamics of the House of Representatives hang in the balance. Jordan's candidacy, coupled with Kevin McCarthy's support, adds depth to an already dynamic political scenario.

The upcoming floor vote represents a pivotal moment in the trajectory of Jordan's political career. To secure the position of Speaker of the House, he must successfully navigate the internal divisions within the Republican Party and win over those who initially expressed their reluctance to support him.


The battle for the House Speaker position is a testament to the ever-evolving dynamics of American politics. Jim Jordan's candidacy and the challenges he faced in securing the speakership reveal the intricate internal politics of the Republican Party. As the race heads toward a critical floor vote, the outcome will significantly impact the leadership landscape within the House of Representatives.

The journey of Jim Jordan, from his nomination to the floor vote, exemplifies the intricate political landscape of Capitol Hill. As the nation watches, the outcome of this leadership battle holds the potential to shape the future direction of the Republican Party and the legislative agenda of the United States.

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