San Bernardino's Sports Legacy: From the Lakers to the 66ers, A Look at the City's Athletic History

San Bernardino's Sports Legacy: From the Lakers to the 66ers, A Look at the City's Athletic History
The 66ers Jared Walsh (right) is congratulated by teammate Jose Rojas (left) after Walsh hit a solo home run in the 4th inning to give Inland Empire a 2-0 lead over the San Jose Giants Thursday night. (Photo by Will Lester/SCNG)

Host to many notable athletic events

San Bernardino, a city located in Southern California, has a rich history in sports that dates back decades. From the Lakers to the 66ers, the city has played host to many notable athletic events and teams that have left a lasting legacy.

One of the most significant events in the city's sports history was the 1932 Summer Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles. San Bernardino was chosen as the site for the Olympic Village, where athletes from around the world stayed during the games. The village was located on the grounds of what is now known as California State University, San Bernardino.

A Little bit of History

In the 1940s and 1950s, San Bernardino was home to the San Bernardino Shamrocks, a minor league baseball team that played in the California League. The team played at Perris Hill Park, which was known for its picturesque mountain views and became a popular destination for baseball fans.

In the 1960s, the Los Angeles Lakers played several home games at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino. The team, which was then led by basketball legend Jerry West, drew large crowds to the city and helped put San Bernardino on the map as a sports destination.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the San Bernardino Spirit, a minor league baseball team, played at Fiscalini Field. The team's home games were a popular pastime for locals and brought in visitors from surrounding areas.

Inland Empire 66ers

The Inland Empire 66ers are a Minor League Baseball team based in San Bernardino, California. The team is a Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels and is a member of the California League. The 66ers have a rich history and are beloved by baseball fans in the region.

The team was founded in 1941 and was originally known as the San Bernardino Stars. They played in various leagues throughout the years, including the Pioneer League, the California League, and the Texas League. The team changed its name to the Inland Empire 66ers in 1993 to reflect the region's famous Route 66 highway.

The 66ers play their home games at San Manuel Stadium, which has a capacity of 5,000 people. The stadium is located in downtown San Bernardino and is known for its beautiful views of the San Bernardino Mountains. It has been the home of the 66ers since 1996 and has undergone several renovations over the years to make it a more fan-friendly environment.

Notable Players

The team has had several notable players over the years, including Mike Trout, who played for the 66ers in 2010. Trout went on to become a three-time American League MVP and is considered one of the best players in baseball history. Other notable players include Tim Salmon, Troy Percival, and Jered Weaver, all of whom went on to have successful careers with the Angels.

In addition to their success on the field, the 66ers are also known for their community involvement. The team has a strong partnership with local schools and youth sports programs and frequently hosts events and clinics for children in the area. The team also works with local charities and organizations to give back to the community.

One of the team's most popular promotions is their "Thirsty Thursday" event, where fans can enjoy discounted beer and other beverages. The team also hosts several theme nights throughout the season, including Star Wars Night, Harry Potter Night, and even a Zombie Apocalypse Night.

Overall, the Inland Empire 66ers are a beloved baseball team with a rich history and strong ties to their community. Whether you're a die-hard baseball fan or just looking for a fun night out with friends and family, a trip to San Manuel Stadium to see the 66ers play is always a great choice.

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