Register for The Arias Summit

Register for The Arias Summit
Photo provided by courtesy of (Max Bailon/The Arias Journal)

Hey, welcome back to The Arias Journal! Have you heard of the newest event being brought to you by The Arias Journal for free? No? Well buckle up and get ready because in this short read I'll let you know what's about to go down at the Arias Summit on august 15th 2022.

What's this event for?

In order to instruct you and teach you how to sell and distribute your services and goods to your chosen audience, The Arias Journal and Acuarious PLATA are both sponsors of the Arias Summit.

Is this free?

You may attend the Arias Summit for free as a result of the sponsorship of these two excellent businesses. At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will obtain a participation certificate in fundamentals of marketing and business administration.

Photo provided by courtesy of (Jesus Arias/The Arias Journal)

Where will this event be?

Zoom will be used for the Arias Summit webinar. Before August 15, 2022, you can register to attend the summit in your pajamas.

What will you learn?

The creators of Acuarious PLATA and The Arias Journal will walk you through each stage of starting a business and launching a marketing campaign for your goods and services.

When will this event take place?

You'll need to get up quite early in the morning to obtain this excellent information being distributed for free because the Arias Summit starts at 8 am Pacific Standard Time.

Photo provided by courtesy of (Max Bailon/The Arias Journal)


The Arias Summit is an all-inclusive webinar that is free for young professionals or anybody else looking to launch their own company and promote their goods or services to their intended market. Don't miss out on this incredible virtual event that is being offered to you for free by signing up before August 15th, 2022.

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