Owners of Popular Catalina Island Restaurant Charged with Wage Theft

Owners of Popular Catalina Island Restaurant Charged with Wage Theft
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Allegations Surface

The owners of a beloved Catalina Island diner and pizza restaurant have found themselves facing serious legal repercussions. Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged Jack Arthur Tucey, 80, and Yueh Mei Tucey, 75, with several labor-related offenses, including withholding substantial wages from their employees and demanding them to work grueling 18-hour shifts. The charges, which have stirred significant attention, cast a shadow over the iconic eatery's reputation.

Severe Charges and Potential Consequences

The charges brought by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office include felony grand labor and wage theft. If found guilty, the Tuceys, a married couple who own and operate multiple businesses in Avalon, may face a daunting sentence of up to 22 years in prison. This legal action underscores the gravity of the allegations and their potential impact on the couple's future.

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Exploitation Allegations

The prosecution alleges that the Tuceys had their employees working exceptionally long hours, often exceeding 12 hours a day, across their various Avalon businesses. Furthermore, the employees were purportedly paid only minimum wage for overtime work, a direct violation of California labor laws, which require higher compensation for such extended work hours.

Deceptive Practices

In addition to wage theft and overtime violations, the Tuceys are also accused of engaging in deceptive practices by filing fraudulent statements with the state's Employment Development Department. These statements allegedly concealed the actual wages paid to their workers. Such deceptive practices further complicate the legal challenges the Tuceys face.

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